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We have provided successful case studies for our Fortune 2000 clients for the last 20 years and can offer you the same commercial grade professionalism offering expert audience understanding to provide compelling content with enhanced design and polish

Raising the Bar on Customer Evidence

Optimized Team Workflow with 3i Quality Assurance

Our case study development process

ClearDiff Case Studies has been creating successful Fortune 2000 case studies for over two decades. This experience has allowed us to develop a time tested and polished professional team of top marketing experts that utilize our proven methodologies to drive successful results.  

Our background in business consulting, marketing, and strategy is that extra ingredient that takes our work beyond beautiful to concise, focused, compelling, and impactful. Our case study professionals are highly skilled at project management, intelligent preparation, and courteous enhanced interviewing techniques to get the most out precious time allotted with your client. 

While our case study professionals possess a mastery of the written word, their work is quality checked internally by a second ClearDiff peer prior to your review to ensure the work surpasses your set goals, is compelling, and is concise. When your review is complete and the content is updated to your satisfaction, the reviewed copy is then edited by one of our professional editors before being released to you as a final copy. If you select our graphics package, the resulting final copy is then converted to a professional layout with Adobe InDesign for that extra polish and professional appeal.

Case Study Workflow

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Please choose from our standard standard case study options below. These categories offer you an idea of what will fit your budget and an understanding of your options. However, each category can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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High-Level Case Study

High-Level Case Study

A condensed, high-level 2-page case study highlighting core business values and customer quotes to reinforce your core messaging.

Standard Case Study

Standard Case Study

Standard 4-page case studies offer the traditional situation, solution, benefit outline capturing customer quotes and demonstrates core benefits.

Technical Case Study

Technical Case Study

The 6-page technical case study extends the standard option with technical considerations,  deployment architecture, and before/after stats.

Edit Only


When your content is complete, but needs that extra editing touch to provide professional level grammar and voicing, we have you covered.

Graphics Package

Graphics Package

Our graphic artists and layout specialists can create a custom template, perfect graphics, and offer a professional layout through InDesign. 

Case Study Library


We can dynamically drive your ongoing case study library creation within your defined budget steered by your customer implementation outcomes.

Video Case Study


Live video capture case study from your client’s place of business capturing spoken quotes and visualizing business value onsite.

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Executive Presentations

ClearDiff Presentations

Enterprise level presentations - consistency of design, detail, and delivery at scale

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Event Readiness

ClearDiff Events

Optimizing events for maximum ROI

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Promotional Videos

ClearDiff Videos

Enterprise level promotional videos - focused, compelling, motivating, and successful

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Customer Evidence

ClearDiff Case Studies

Raising the bar on customer evidence

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